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Classes Begin October 1st.

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Masterminds begin

Oct. 1

Give us 12 months and you'll have everything you need to run your business.

We will help you lead, systematize, and organize every aspect of your real estate sales business. 

  •  Are you awesome at selling real estate but struggling to lead your business? 

  • Is your "TO-DO" list getting longer everyday? 

  • Are you losing business because you don't have a system in place to generate leads, nurture leads, follow up with past clients and grow referrals.

  • Do you want to grow your business but unsure of where to find talent, how to hire them, what to pay them and need a sample contract?

  • Are you ready for a market shift?

  • Do you have at least 24 lead sources in place to survive all types of market shift?  


What is it?

This is NOT Theory. This is about implementation. Taking our best in class systems and models and finally getting them implemented and working for you.


  • Develop your Mission, Vision, and Values

  • Write and implement your business plan

    • Create your organizational chart

    • Create team roles, compensation, and team agreements

  • The role of virtual support
  • Create a financial model and budget


  • Lead Generation

    • Develop 24 different lead sources 

    • Complete step by step processes for each lead source

    • Follow up plans

    • Buyer IDX sites and best practices

    • Seller lead generation

  • Past Clients

    • Client Events, gifts, and appreciation opportunities​

    • True 36 touch program


  • Best in class CRM with action plans

  • Transaction service plans

    • ​Listing Auto Plans

    • Contract to Close Auto Plans

    • Post-Closing Auto Plans


matt fetick, a highly successful real estate agent, international trainer, and speaker, will lead each session supported by experts on the topic of the day. We will meet virtually every week for one-hour and in-person for a retreat and all-day work session once per quarter. 

  • Success Class Size Limited to 30 Students

  • 1 Hour Weekly Live Webinars

  • 4 One Day in-person retreats

  • Monthly Wealth Building Calls with highly successful entrepreneurs


Any real estate agent looking to go from "someday" to "now." 

Busy, successful agents often have good intentions on working "on" their business instead of "in" their business. If you've been too busy to organize and systematize your business, then this mastermind is for you. We will walk through every aspect of a highly productive sales business and in just one year, you'll have everything implemented. This is not a "how-to class". This is a "do it now" mastermind designed for immediate implementation. 



$1250 / month

  • Weekly Calls
  • Tools, Templates, Samples, and more
  • Private Facebook Mastermind Group
  • 4 in-person retreats (not including travel/lodging)
Add an administrative assistant or operations manager for $199 / month


Matt Fetick

Career Highlights

  • Rookie of the year selling 24 homes in his first 12 months of business

  • On average Matt's team sells a home every 24 hours

  • Matt's team has sold in excess of $74m in a year

  • Matt teaches real estate agents and is a highly sought after speaker both in the United States and Internationally

  • Matt owns and operates not only his successful sales team, but also 3 brokerages

  • Beyond his sales and brokerage businesses, Matt is partners in:

    • Title Insurance Agency

    • Mortgage Company

    • Owns investment / rental property

    • Has built and renovated homes

On a Personal Note...

Matt and his family live in the Philadelphia suburbs with businesses located in PA, MD, DE and London England. Matt began his professional life as a paramedic and police officer serving his community. Matt is currently the Mayor of his town, Kennett Square, PA. 


Don't miss this opportunity


What will we get for managing our finances?

First, we will make sure that you are familiar with basic financial tools (P and L, Balance Sheets, Budgets, Chart of Accounts). Next, we will build out your budget. Finally, we will help you get everything imported into Quickbooks and help you maximize your financial tools.

What will we get hiring and growing our team?

We will help you build out your current and future organizational charts. Then, we'll work on job descriptions for each role. Next, we'll go through the screening and hiring process. Finally, we'll work on  compensation models and team agreements. 

What's wealth building Wednesday?

One Wednesday evening per month, we will host a live, interactive interview with a highly successful entrepreneur. We'll learn about their successes and failures and you'll get tools to start building your wealth.

What do I get for my monthly investment?

There's too much to list here in one place. No seriously, there is a lot. You'll get a weekly call (50 calls for the year), all of our tools, templates, samples, and more. 4 one day retreats for a full day of planning and implementation. Access to a private facebook mastermind. Access to our Wealth building Wednesday monthly call. Discounts from our favorite vendors and more. 

What will we get for lead generation?

We will work through 24 different lead sources and fully systematize the process. For each lead source, we will generate, nurture, provide scripts to convert, and more. 

What about these discounts?

Our strategic partners are offering discounts to our masterminds clients. You'll get access to best in class CRM/Transaction Management, marketing tools, advertisting tools, staffing and more. 

Is this just an online class?

No. We do meet virtually on a weekly basis; however, we do hold in person retreats 4 times throughout the year. The cost of the  retreat is included in your monthly investment. 

Will we get your templates and auto plans?

Yes. And, this is a mastermind. We'll be using my team's tools to build from, so that you'll get the absolute best product after collaborating with your colleagues.

Why do you call this a "mastermind?"

The goal is to mastermind around the best in class in every area. We will be using my tools as a foundation, but we will collaborate together to make sure the end product is the best it can be.

Will my group be too big?

Your mastermind group is limited to 30 business owners. In addition, a business owner can include one administrative professional for $199 / mo.

What will we get for lead generation?

We will work through 24 different lead sources and fully systematize the process. For each lead source, we will generate, nurture, provide scripts to convert, and more. 

What will we get for Transactions?

We will work through the listing service plan, contract to close for buyers and sellers, and post closing action plans. You'll get our entire set of action plans, emails, text messages, documents, and more!